I am a laid back guy.

Eric Hartford
Graduate Student, Software Engineer, computer geek.

See?  I am good with kittens.

Graduate Student
So very close to graduating with my MS in Computing and Software Systems.
Very interested in computer science education and human computer interaction.
Very interested in computer graphics and game design.
Also learning to be interested in databases and open standards.
I was a TA once, and liked it.  Too bad I couldn't keep doing it....
I do love teaching, and I was good at it.  At least I think so, if not the students.

Software Engineer
I make data link software for AWACS planes.

Woo hoo!  Wish I could fly in one.
Doing CORBA, Sockets, and C++ in a Solaris environment.
Getting paid to code - that's what I went to school for!

Computer Geek
I like to play classical guitar - hooked up to my computer through a digital effects processor.

Here's a pic of my guitar.  Classical in that it has nylon strings and a wide neck.
Not a very classic classical guitar.

I like to play pencil and paper role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons and Shadowrun.
I paint miniatures in my spare time. (like I have any spare time... it's been about a year since
I've had any of that...)

Yeah Lord of the Rings is the best movie ever made.  The original Star Wars is in second place.

Riftwar Saga by Raymond Feist is the best fantasy trilogy.
1) Magician (sometimes split into Magician: Apprentice and Magician: Master)}
2) Silverthorn
3) Darkness at Sethanon

And above all I love computers - game playing, programming, graphics,
software design, game design... I do everything with my computer.
Fallout, Deus Ex, and Morrowind are the best computer games ever made.
Knights of the Old Republic and Morrowind are the best Xbox games ever made.
Chrono Trigger is the best SNES game ever made.
Shadowrun is the best Genesis game ever made.
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is the best Playstation game ever made.